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2 December 2015
I enjoyed my time at University of Melbourne. The Uni is well regarded in the Australian employment market. The only criticism I'd have is that the programs general focus a little too heavily on theory and not enough practical application.
Bachelor of Commerce Honours
20 January 2014
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19 June 2013
The University is great and the learning system is a bit complicated and different of what I was used to. But all the subjects are a challenge of knowledge, understanding, and practice. The way it becomes a combination between theory and practical things. How to deal with problems in the environment and study cases of the real life all over the world makes a good combination to earn skills and develop new ideas of a better managment of the land, forest and the nature in general.
Master of Forest Ecosystem Science
20 December 2012
essential to career
excellent standard of academia
bachelor of social work
7 December 2012
Essential learning within my profession.
I recommend this institution as it has the leading opinion within education and the content is relevant with plenty of resources to use when writing papers.
Master in Educational Studies
25 September 2012
very useful when seeking education programme
Good, very inspiring
Master in Special Education
24 August 2012
Very useful when seeking information I desire
Loved this course and it was the best I ever did!
Could not have been better
Facinating and all consuming
Reasearched most of my own = university facilities =very helpful and library excellent
computer room could have been bigger
Master in Education
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