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  • Jaime BG
    Jaime BG
    2016-08-18 16:25:08

    It was an excellent opportunity to improve my English... Amazing Experience and great professional teachers.

  • Victoria Goodes
    Victoria Goodes
    2014-08-13 10:27:47

    Relevant and flexible

  • Andrew Meek
    Andrew Meek
    2014-06-27 09:05:55

    Major - History, Minor - English Learn to think deeper into abstract ideals, improve essay presentation and research analyses, inspired by writing to write and read more.

  • Marcus Copsey

    The first year is very basic business studies. In the third year you must complete 200hrs of work experience within a sports organisation

  • Judith Egli

    Gives you what you signed up for This course on paper was everything i wanted, i even moved 3 hours away from Melbourne to do it. It has a few problems as (i think) it is only the second year it is run as a masters course. There is a lot of information and a lot of confusion, but i am not disadvantaged as every one is delivered the same information and i feel in the end i am still learning what i should be. This course is changing again next year, moving into the new age of distance education, I really hope the confusion has been ironed out by then. But i really think it is a step backwards for the community and rural education. One of my teachers is very good and goes out of her way to help, this course doesn't employ enough teachers therefor she is overworked Not fine tuned enough in assignments.


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    Andrew Meek
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    Eme Valladares
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    Hazel Murison
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    Jaime BG
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    Judith Egli
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    Marcus Copsey