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  • Stella Montero
    Stella Montero
    2013-11-29 11:54:28

    A BA in psychology gives a good foundation on human behaviour

  • Jamie-Lea White
    Jamie-Lea White
    2013-09-23 03:03:43

    I found York university to be VERY impersonal and the staff mainly unhelpful to students. My stats teacher told us at one pt when asking a question regarding marks that they were not important to her as she had another job. She did not know how to teach properly and over half the class ended up failing and needed to retake and pay for the course. I informed my practicum coordinator that I was unable to travel outside of town due to no license or vehicle and was told to bad find your own replacement. I also ended up failing a non-nursing elective by 5%, and the response I received from the teacher was that it will give me experience for future on line courses. This failing ended up resuting in me not graduating and having me to pay more money


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    Flor Maria Ordonez
  • Jamie-Lea  White
    Jamie-Lea White
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    Mike Heimlich
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    Shai S Bitton
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    Stella Montero