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11 July 2015
Office Administration is very good course with a different challenge relate to office work and other departments that work together with administrative staff it guides me on how all off duties must be done and how to schedule,prioritising work, an teach us to manage office equipment,staff,internal and external service provider during their services to be offered at work, again it is different to other in terms of language we have terms of words that we use during the operation of work, like pros and cos" means advantage and disadvantages of delegation of work, as I quote famous person who known as Henry Ford" HENRY FORD"said" why should I clutter my mind with general information when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I need: as I quote suggests,it is impossible for one person to know everything.
Another thing Pareto's Principles" during working hours of 100%of our time at work we take 80% of our time doing things that are unimportant and taking 20 of time doing our daily work, so here you can see that in Office Administration each and every minute you learn mistakes during your working hours and as well as mistakes that other people including senior staff member it doesn't matter the position you occupied we are all born with mistakes
Office Administration N6
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